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Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Rejuvi tattoo removal is not promoted as an at-home fade cream, acid or bleach. Rejuvi tattoo removal should only be applied by a trained professional, as stated by the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not release a cost per treatment on their site, but states it’s more affordable than laser. Rejuvi tattoo removal claims it is […]


EliminInk is an ink over type of application that is a specially formulated solution that bonds with the original tattoo inks which helps draw the ink to the skin’s surface. According to the manufacturer, EliminInk treatments should only be applied by a selected few trained professionals. The manufacturer of EliminInk does not provide any information […]

Dermasal™ : Is Dermasal™ a Smart Choice?

Dermasal™ Review Dermasal™ is promoted as a three-step tattoo kit that helps remove your tattoos. However, the manufacturer does suggest that Dermasal™ can be used on your tattoo no matter the color. Dermasal™ kit includes the Dermasal™ soothing agent which preps the skin for the topical solution. Dermasal™ topical solution is promoted to erase tattoos […]

Evanesco Review: Is Evanesco a Smart Choice?

Evanesco Review Rating: 1/5 Stars Evanesco is promoted as a single application system that is marketed as a tattoo removal cream that contains cashew nut oil. This ingredient may be potentially dangerous and may lead to negative side effects.‡  Also, it is not recommended for use by individuals who have nut allergies. This formula also contains […]

Fade Away Review: Is Fade Away a Smart Choice?

Fade Away Review Rating: 3/5 Stars Some customers are looking for the Fade Away tattoo removal system. Fade Away has been discontinued and is no longer sold by its manufacturer. At this time, it is no longer offered on third party websites either.When reviewing old information on the web, we found that Fade Away Tattoo […]

Nuviderm Review: Is Nuviderm a Smart Choice?

Nuviderm Review Rating: 2/5 Stars By visiting our site you have the chance to read our Nuviderm review. Here you can read the latest information on the top tattoo fading products and you can see how Nuviderm compares to other options. On the product’s website, Nuviderm is marketed as a fade and tattoo removal system that […]

Ink Busters Review: Is Ink Busters a Smart Choice?

Ink Busters Review Rating: 3/5 Stars Living with tattoo regret can be difficult for ones self-esteem. You may have thought that your tattoo would continue to look new and not change in shape. However, as we age, our skin can slacken, tattoos may fade and that once desired tattoo may no longer be desired. This […]

QuickFade Review: Is QuickFade a Smart Choice?

QuickFade Review Rating: 1/5 Stars There are several tattoo fading options sold online, in retail stores and some can even be found on television shopping networks. The QuickFade Tattoo Fading Gel claims it was advertised on the “As Seen on TV” network. This formula is sold in a spray bottle and it is promoted to […]

Fadeplex : Is Fadeplex a Smart Choice?

Fadeplex Review Fadeplex is marketed to fade colored and black ink tattoos. On the products website the manufacturer states that the product is easy to apply and does not contain TCA or Hydroquinone. Fadeplex is not promoted to leave scarring on the skin and retails for over $40 online. This product is sold in a […]