Trufade Review Overview – Discover Trufade’s fantastic product benefits

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  • Formulated For Old and New Tattoos
  • Formulated For All Skin Types
  • Fades Black and Colored Inks
  • Made in the USA
  • Can be Applied in the Privacy of Your Own Home
  • Results May be Seen in Weeks of Application
  • No Risk of Scarring Reported
  • Alternative to Tattoo Removal Treatments
  • Does NOT contain TCA, Hydroquinone or potentially damaging acids
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free Purchase Specials
  • Retails for under $50

Derm CertifiedTRUFade™ is the #1 leading tattoo fading formula on the market that is formulated for all skin types. Our review criterion shows that TRUFade™ is a superior product to fade and visibly erase unwanted tattoos. TRUFade™ is applicable on both old and new tattoos.

It is very critical to elect a tattoo fading product that works on all ages of tattoos. If not you will be wasting money on several tattoo fading options or will have to undergo expensive tattoo removal procedures like laser tattoo removal.

Laser treatments can be painful, expensive and have you seen the damages a single treatment can do to the skin? A nasty scar, even severe burns have been reported. By using TRUFade™ tattoo fading gel you can avoid harsh treatments, burns and scarring. No risk of scarring or burning of the skin has been reported or associated with the TRUFade™ formula.

TRUFade™ is specifically formulated with the complex ingredients of Gigawhite™ and Chromabright® to target and fade the appearance of both black and colored ink tattoos.

Chromabright– is intended to offer a brightening effect to the skin so your tattoo begins to fade.
Gigawhite– helps fade the look of tattoos

Although laser treatments can be avoided by using TRUFade,do not be fooled by other tattoo removal options either. There are other options on the market that claim they can diminish the look of tattoos in a pain-free manner. Some of these tattoo removal options include the use of skin peeling agents with ingredients like Hydroquinone, TCA or Cashew Nut Oil. These ingredients have been studied, and have been reported to break down your unwanted tattoo by making the skin peel thus breaking up the ink pigment of the tattoo so it is removed.

However, this process can also result in scars where the tattoo was initially, or even irritate the skin promoting redness, dryness, and chapping. This can be as painful as a laser tattoo removal treatment. Luckily, TRUFade™ Gel does not use these harmful ingredients which makes it safe for daily use and the negative effects of skin peels can be avoided.

For those who want to achieve visible results in just a few weeks, purchase your bottle of TRUFade™ for less than $50 online by visiting the manufacturers website provided below. Be sure to take advantage of the Buy 2, Get 1 Free special that is offered so you can save additional money!

Trufade – an Advanced Tattoo Fading Formula that is made in the USA and can be used in the privacy of your own home!

Trufade – an Advanced Tattoo Fading Formula

TRUFade™ Details:

Official Website:
Form: Gel
Size: 1 oz.
Ingredients & Instructions: Click for details

TRUFade™ Results:

TRUFade™ uses a variety of ingredients that may provide a faded look of your tattoo within 90 days of application. You will need to use this formula as directed to achieve best results. Results may vary for each individual.

Major Concerns on TRUFade™ Tattoo Fading Gel:

When evaluating the benefits of TRUFade, we did not have any major concerns with this formulas ability to fade the appearance of unwanted tattoos. This formula contains skin-loving ingredients unlike other brands that use Hydroquinone, TCA or Cashew Nut Oil, which can promote damages to the skin.

We took a look at the testimonials on this product and found positive TRUFade formula reviews by real customers. Some claimed that this formula was effective, an less painful then laser tattoo removal treatments. Some individuals noticed visible improvements in just weeks!

It is important to read reviews on a product before you buy it so you can see how well it worked for other customers. However, results may differ for each individual depending on the age of the tattoo, your tattoo color, the type of ink used, and how your skin reacts to this product.

It appears that the TRUFade Gel is easy to-use and has a few steps involved. Customers should simply cleanse the tattooed area with soap and water, while gently using a loofah or exfoliating pad to help remove dead skin from the surface. After, you will need to dry the skin after exfoliation and apply a thin layer to the tattoo. Do not over use, and use as directed. Over application will not speed up results.

TRUFade™ Conclusion:

TRUFade™ contains natural ingredients that have been shown to produce fading results in as little as 90 days, without using harsh chemicals that may damage the skin or cause potentially harmful side effects. TRUFade™ can be applied to new and old tattoos and help fade the appearance of all color inks. Our review staff has found that TRUFade™ is the #1 superior tattoo fading product on the market and is available for under $50.00, with a special of BUY 2 Bottles, Get 1 Free offer available!

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